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We live in a world where facts can be relative, news can be fake and everyone has an opinion. How do you know what is true? Whom do you trust to tell you the truth?

Posted by Garden of Light on Thursday, April 30, 2020

One problem in our society is that we are encouraged to let others "tell us" the truth as opposed to thinking things through on our own. This leads to people trusting a single source of information and in some cases, that "information" is passed along with a slant, or even a nefarious purpose. Instead a society that wanted to develop principled people with inner personal integrity would encourage them to be critical of their sources, consult a wide variety of information outlets and develop their own opinions. The eventual result would be that people would evolve to where their most reliable truths would come from within their own hearts. And their own personal hearts would connect with a greater universal reality shared by everyone. That Reality would be the inerrant "God" everyone wishes would just "give them" the answers in the first place. There is no easy path to truth. You have to do the hard work first. But it is worth it in the long run.


I'll be going over the Rainbow Bridge myself.

Don't know about others but I am going to animal heaven to be with the animals.