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  Living Light, by Rev. Deborah Moldow
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It is with much delight and the greatest honor that we welcome you—and your beautiful radiant soul—to Light on Light Magazine. No matter where you are along your journey today, whether you have lost your little inner light amid life’s struggles, or are shining your light and seeking to further grow and develop in spiritual practices to shine even more brightly, or if you are already letting your inner sun shine radiantly in the world, Light on Light is dedicated to Shannon Marie Winters illuminating the light of wisdom and compassion of spiritual practices and inspiring lifestyles for the flourishing of health, mind, and spirit every day, for everyone. Along with Host Editor, Karuna, we welcome you to share your journey, to explore, and to shine with us here.

May your inner light shine brightly along every road you are traveling.

March 27, 2018
Oprah Winfrey appeared on The Van Jones Show on CNN on March 11, 2018 with a message: You’ve gotta stay in the light. She explained how important it is not to give our energy to the apparent darkness in our world today, but to stay as a warrior of the light. She wakes up in the morning and the first thing she says, even before opening her eyes, is “Thank you.” She does her chores and then gives herself some time for prayer or meditation before looking at the day’s news. Oprah is a prophet of the emerging consciousness.

flowerMany of us are feeling the pull to live differently from the demands of the culture around us. We sense that our lives are meant to have purpose. We are leaving behind the emotional baggage of the past – our own, our ancestors’, our history, our evolution – in order to detoxify our minds and spirit. As we shed addictions and behaviors that perpetuated a culture of domination, broken families and armed conflict, we are seeking new patterns to empower the emerging culture of peace. This is at heart a spiritual quest. At a time when the wisdom of indigenous, religious and spiritual teachings from all over the world are available to us, we are taking a fresh look at what it means to live a life that is fulfilling at the soul level.

How do we learn to live in the light, as the light, lightly? We are learning from one another! We are sharing spiritual experiences. We are recognizing the light in one another. We are opening to our inner guidance. In this column, we will explore a wide range of everyday practices that are helping us to move into the new consciousness, a...
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